Thursday, June 26, 2008

Personal Development

What are you doing for you personal development? Our lives are full of surprises, both good and could be better. Remember that life is a learning proposition and we need to continue learning.
In 2004 I met a young man in Reno, Nv. at a Toastmasters International Conference. We met by chance at a cafe as we were both having breakfast. A greeting and a few words of exchange, you know-small talk, led us to realize we were both Toastmasters. He from Las Vegas and me from Oregon. He had been through a few transitions and was continuing his journey to bigger and better things.
The other day I saw he had signed up for LinkedIn and of course I invited him to join my connections. He accepted. That led me to recheck his website.
Upon checking I found he has the most visited website on the above topic. He has a plethora of information on there.
One that caught my attention was How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes .
We all need to have an idea of our life's purpose since we all affect others, sometimes knowingly and other times unknowingly.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Are you focused? Why are you focused? Do you need to be focused? What's all the beg fuss over being focused? If you don't know where you are going you'll get to anywhere. Sometimes that works but most of the time it just puts us in another place to find our way out of.

Heard about one of the Support group's attendees of late. We were all excited as he had accepted a position and began work. Now on to the next one. Oooooops.....STOP! We all just got word that he was out of work again. Whatever happened?

Maybe he was more focused on getting a position than paying attention to what the position was. As it turned out the position was not at all what he was expecting and he very soon resigned. Being focused is great but let's be sure we are focusing on the right object.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Do you ever get frustrated because you don't get what you want? It has surely happened to all of us. Of course when it is an opportunity (job) we wanted not only are we frustrated for not getting it we can get depressed for being rejected. Not a good combination.

Did you ever think that maybe you weren't really ready though? None of us think that at first. Stories have told me that many times we aren't ready for an opportunity. Of course we'd like it and want it yet we aren't ready yet and don't know it. Sometimes it really isn't the right opportunity but we don't know that till after the facts.

What I've learned and heard from others is to never stop the hunt. When rejected pull back, reassess and move forward again. Once employed again you need to keep your ears and eyes open for new opportunities. Always give 110% while employed and you'll feel all the better.

Friday, June 13, 2008


We are all leaders, whether we know it or call it that. Just look at your life. As a child you tried to be a leader by getting your way with your parents. Then some of us were leaders of our friends or wanted to be. If we weren't the so called leader we might lead by not following the assumed leader.
Leadership is a desired trait for many jobs or positions. People that can lead can get "things" done. How do they do this. By inspiring and encouraging others to do their best and be all they can be.
When you are in an interview and asked that question of "What kind of a leader are you" dig deep into your knowledge bank and just think of all the ways you are or have been a leader.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Are you getting behind or losing ground?

As I talk to different folks I find I am not alone here. As much as I plan, organize and plan to get deadlines done ahead of time something happens many times where I am pushing and struggling to get it done on time. Ever have that happen to you?

What can we do? There are probably as many answers are there readers of this blog. So many ways. Do you notice that when it get's to crunch time it is amazing how we seem to do what is needed to complete the task.

My take is we are creatures of habit. We learn our limits then push them. When I was younger I was always in a hurry and found I exceeded the speed limit a fair amount. With maturation I have slowed down and find I still get there with much less stress.

Time is a critical element...and as the term goes "Carpe Diem".