Monday, November 28, 2011


OK, you are stuffed, clothes feel tighter and let's hope you had some good visits with family and friends. Don't forget that turkey soup made from the leftover carcass is fantastic and fits the weather well.
Time to regroup now and plan your next plan on what is next. Where shall you go, who shall you see and what are you looking for. Are you still sure what you REALLY want to do? Continually challenge that thought. You have so many choices anymore.
The other morning a talk show host received a call from a listener. The caller said his friends all said he had the voice to be a radio talk show host and what might the current talk show host recommend he do to become involved. The host paused and thought then came back very loud, snappy and almost angry and spouted off that the listener should listen. He asked the listener if he was ready to listen. The caller agreed he was. The host then said just get out and start doing what was needed and not ask advice from others. He would fare far better as he went through the hoops and even makes a few mistakes. That definitely caught my attention as I hear folks wanting to have all the answers before stepping out and trying. We don't want to make mistakes. Good luck on that one.
Remember my mantra to: Have fun, Meet people, Learn something.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To Resume or not to Resume

Resumes are a necessary evil. Most resumes I've ever looked at are an obituary. That is to say it tells what you have done in the past. What I want to know, if I am interviewing you is what are you going to do for me now. It can be hard to write a resume that fills in the info for each potential employer.
A better way is to see people in person and if they request a resume then ask them what they want to see in it and get it to them the next day. Craft it to fit their request. There is no doubt that you can't always do that but at least strive to.
Some common knowledge today is to be sure your resume contains specific info from the ad you may be responding too so if they are scanning you can at least be in the running.
Be sure you totally check for spelling and proper grammar.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Business cards

You have so many options anymore between: Calling cards, Business cards or Contact cards. Bottom line is you still need them. And remember to never leave home with out them. Keep a supply in the car too.

Be careful about putting a job title on your card because Administrative Assistant at one employer may not be the same at another one. You want to have a card to share with others so they can contact if they need to or want to. Your new social networking sources (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.) are excellent locations to house your contacts and others do this too. Cards just make it easier for people to remember.

When first starting out my suggestion is you get 500 because the first 250 disappear very fast. Always be thinking about your "branding" so as you reorder you may want to include a logo or something for others to remember you by.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Turning leaves

As the leaves are turning Fall colors then painting the landscape in their annual "fall" the question arises if you are also turning a new leaf now in your search. Are you looking for more new opportunities to network, gain useful information and meet new people? If you don't change a few of your old ways it could delay your success. This is the value to getting out with numerous groups to give you new ideas to try out.

When you get out of the house and Have fun, meet people and learn something you may well feel renewed again. Go ahead, give it a try.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day is just around the corner. Many men and women gave of themselves so we could have our freedom and opportunities to do as we please. Your job is to make the most of it as hard as it may seem. One theme I continually hear from immigrants is the freedom and opportunity we have here compared to much of the rest of the world.
You now have the world within your hands. Maybe not the opportunity or full time position you want but you still have the ability to make things happen. Depends on what you may be ready to give up or trade for.
Sometimes you may need to consider your own business or even doing several positions until there is a demand for your skills. Always keep your eyes and ears available for ideas and suggestions.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keeping up the pursuit

By now you have felt a chill in the air. sometimes you may even be thinking of just sleeping in because it is warmer under the covers. It is OK to think about it but don't succumb to such thoughts. Now is the time to stay active, use your schedule and be productive for yourself. You are in a competitive sport known as "job finding" and only when you score the highest will you find and feel success.
You need to be setting your calendar all the time. Filling it with appointments, interviews and networking. Share yours with others and you will find others will share with you. You will soon find that you are running out of time and even begin enjoying this part of unemployment. It is at that time you will come to understand my mantra even better: "Have fun, Meet people, Learn something".
Remember, my main suggestion and urging to you is to get your butt out of the house.