Thursday, May 24, 2007

So! What troubles you in this quest for your next opportunity?

Why don't you post, in the comments section, what you find most troublesome or painful about this period in your life. Feel free to post what you like.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Web Sites and Blogs

Do you have your own Website and/or Blog? If not why not? Visibility and access are paramount to you being seen by others, especially when you are looking to find your next opportunity. This is like customer service, make it as easy for the customer (your future employer) to find you with as little effort as possible.

Your website is a great place to post several resumes if you care. Place your hobbies or charitable causes on there also. No personal data for contact besides e-mail is suggested. Free websites are available as are free blog sites. Blogs are great for championing your cause, posting useful information for folks With a little research you can find many possibilities.

The goal here is to be visible for those that are looking for you. Potential employers or clients are using the search engines more and more to look you up, so why not make it easy for them.