Saturday, February 26, 2011

Are you planning on networking forever now?

Over the past 19 years many attendees and past attendees of The Job Finders Support Group have returned to vow that they will never not network again. They have all found that they either haven't networked at all before or began to network until they got hired again. The low and behold something happened and they were let go again and had to start the whole networking project over again. "Never again" is what they say.

Remember to Have fun, Meet people, Learn something and networking is a piece of cake.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't just be an applicant

Are you being an applicant or are you in control of your life? So many times we go about our opportunity search by applying for what we see in the paper or hear about somewhere. Why do we do this? Let's be honest. because it is easier. Yes! As crass as that sounds because it is easier.

The art of being successful in your search depends on the pre work, attitude and perseverance you put into this venture.

The game is to learn more about your field and the companies in it. Then to do informational interviews if possible (all things are possible) and learn more about them. Remember that this is always about the other person and not you.

Once you have determined the right companies for you then you'll put together your presentation to discuss what value you'll bring to them and the compelling reason they need to consider you over all the other "applicants".

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring is just around the corner-2011

Whether you know it or not Spring isn't all that far away. Yet you seem to be mired in the cold of Winter. What do you have to do to get with it?
Quiet introspective searching can be helpful. Better yet though how about meeting up with others. Whether they be friends or new acquaintances. Get out there and share ideas with others. Remember you may be able to help them too.
As you begin laying out your agenda be sure and include some fun functions too. You'd be amazed how many events you can go to and include both networking and fun.

Ask others how they do it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Time out

Do you ever get that feeling you need a "time out"? Nothing seems to be going right, no one wants to talk or those interviews seem to go no where?
Of course it isn't you, right? It must be them. Or so it appears.

Sometimes you do need a break to clear your mind. To get hold of yourself. Getting away is therapeutic. There does need to be an end date though then get back down to the hard work of searching. Kind of reminds me of how sometimes we need to unplug the computer to reset all switches or pull the battery from our cell phone and restart it.

As you continue to make changes, transitions and transformations in your current life you will see your progress become more fruitful everyday.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day-2011

Don't forget this most important holiday for some. It doesn't take much to have some candy in your pocket to hand out to folks. Help make their day better. And when you stop by those offices don't forget the person at the front desk.

This could be a good day to visit the mall and hang out near the candy counter. Never know who you'll run into. And if you do run into someone it is a great time to catch up and practice your gift of gab. There's always time to catch up with old friends and even a few new ones.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cold can make you move faster

Has it been cold for you? Every year it cools off at this point in time. Hopefully you aren't cooling off in your search. It does take some extra push to get out there. Just put on a few more clothes when you go out. You need to keep up the networking and meeting people. As much as the nice warm house feels so welcoming it isn't paying the bills.

After watching Dr. Zhivago again and seeing the scene out in the middle of nowhere where there is snow and ice in the house and seeing Zhivago writing poetry it made me think how lucky we have it. Persistence will pay off. I've seen this for too many years. It is a matter of time and you are in control.

The more you get out and make your contacts the closer you are to success.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Short month-Feb.

This month has fewer days in it. If you are tracking your daily contacts and network connecting then you'll need to pick up your pace and schedule a few more meetings per day. Now might be a good time to work on doing that then next month keep up the pace. Remember that you are playing a numbers game. The connections you make, the closer you get to your next opportunity that will lead you to where you want to be.

Each new person or group you meet the more you will learn about yourself and others. You'll get more ideas for questions to ask in the next meeting. As you build more personal relationships you'll find the more valuable you will be to others. Before you know it people will be contacting you for information or assistance.

Should you return to this situation again you'll already have a big part of your network up and running. It should be continual.