Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Remain unattached to the outcome

In a recent keynote speech "Eight Keys for Thriving in a Down Economy" by Jeff Schneider he mentioned the above.
No getting around it, this is easier said than done. You've put in all this research, work, arranging for and then aren't successful. Why the effort you say. I have all the criteria requested yet I was looked over or is that overlooked?
Your energy and effort needs to be doing your very best. If they didn't see that or weren't impressed then it isn't your fault. It may not be a good fit anyway. Now on to the next opportunity.
Just because we have the degree(s), time on the job, great referral letters doesn't mean we will be successful in our endeavor.
You can only achieve your desired outcome by being the very best candidate.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Face the Brutal facts

In a recent keynote speech "Eight Keys for Thriving in a Down Economy" by Jeff Schneider he mentioned the above. It is especially valuable to you as you go through these trying times of transition.
You know how to search for the facts and statistics and make decisions based on that. If you find there are too many people applying for the same slot as you, what will you do? Doing what you have been doing may not be a good answer if you aren't being successful. The brutal fact may be that you don't stand out, don't have the correct degree or background. If that is the case you may to remedy that. The other fact is maybe you aren't up to doing that. That is when you know you need to change directions.

Facing the brutal facts can assist you in your next transition and make your try fun when you go where you love to be.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


By now you've heard of "netsucking". Netsucker is not what you want to be known as. Networking is what it is about and in time you'll realize you've been networking all your life. You never called it that. It probably started back in the sandbox when you introduced one friend to another.
Back then you were interested in the new acquaintance. You wanted to know where they lived and if they could play some more.
That premise hasn't changed. When you meet people your job is to learn about them and listen very carefully and intently. From those good listening skills you'll learn about them and what they may need from you. The game isn't what's in it for me but what about you. At first it may be strange and in time you'll do better.

Here is a challenge for you. The next time you are out networking and meet a new person see how long you can go in conversation before you ever ask "what they do" or "who they work for". Try it, you'll learn something.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Affirmations come in many forms. They can be very useful for your brain. When you can see where you are going or what direction you will find your brain is assisting you all the way. As I look back to my youth and remember a few goals or items I wished I had done or had, it amazes me how many have come to fruition.
You've heard of the task writing your goal on a piece of paper, hanging it on the mirror so that every morning you'll see it first thing. After a short while your mind might begin to ignore it yet it is actually triggered to know what it is about and lays in rest in your subliminal mind.
Like many sage philosophers have said "You are what you believe or think you are." You can do what you think you can do. If you don't believe that you can find thousands of books in the library that will tell their stories of success because they knew they could do it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The "Touch"

How often do you touch others? Besides the physical touch, what about on line touches, or a phone call or even a hand written card. The purpose of the Touch is multi faceted. The basic idea is to communicate and stay in touch with others.
In person is best of course. A phone call is good but it can take up a lot of time. A card is good and something the other party can touch. E-mails are good but what all do we write about.

Many times my touch revolves around the social networking tools ie: LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo, Twitter etc. When I see a change in another's status, or a new picture, or a question it allows me the opportunity to drop them a quick note. No requests or needed replies, just a note of recognition. That also brings me to their attention ever so slightly.

Think about it, try it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Have you changed your oil lately?

This so important for you and your car. As you know your car engine will break down your oil in time to the point it isn't lubricating well nor cooling as well as it should.

You are no different. You need to cleanse your mind once in a while. There are many ways to accomplish that. Reading is an excellent source. Doing the crossword puzzle is useful. Going away and taking a vacation away from your living abode is an excellent way. Going to listen to a speaker, seminar or even a play. Some way to allow your mind to see something else.

Many times your alternative mind cleansing will even lead you on to new ideas or perspectives. If your oil change gets you closer to your goal you have benefited in more than one way.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Power of networking

We've seen companies that spawn other companies. Where employees leave the mother ship and form their own smaller company. Sometimes one of those will spawn more later. This phenomena is is quite healthy and can be lucrative in the business world. Time after time we seem to get back to what we do best and let others do what they do best. We don't have to do everything.

The same occurrence happens in networking groups. A few folks will form a specialty group to fit their passions or specialties or both. As you go about your daily routines and networking circles keep your mind open. Whether you form the offshoot or suggest it to another you will be working for the group as a whole.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Will your resume pass the 10-second test?

Will your resume pass the 10-second test? (Courtesy of Connie Dorigan)

6 Vital Tips

1. Keep it short!Initially, Human Resources personnel spend approximately 10 to 20 seconds on a resume, so the shorter your resume, the more desirable it is. Aim for one page.Of course, it is not always possible to create a short resume, especially if you have a great deal of relevant information about your work experience or accomplishments. If that is the case, list the most relevant and important information within the upper half of the first page so that it will be noticed immediately.

2. Spelling, Spelling, SpellingIt is not enough to run the word processor's spell checker on your document. Proofread your resume at least 3 times, once backward (sometimes that is how you notice mistakes).

3. Power Statement/SummaryStart your resume with a Power Statement. Many resume writers suggest an objective. My suggestion is that you start your resume with a power statement such as: "Award-winning, highly accomplished Operations Manager with successful track record of consistently increasing revenue and slashing operating costs." An objective tells the employer only what you want to do, the power statement goes further. The Power Statement highlights the job you are seeking, your major achievements AND most importantly, what you can do for their company.

4. Begin your sentences with action verbs for added punch and to express a sense of accomplishment. Use words such as: accelerated, accomplished, achieved, bought, briefed, broadened, cataloged, caused, changed, chaired, delegated, delivered, demonstrated, identified, implemented, improved, incorporated, etc. A passive approach is a defeatist approach. Take control!

5. Use numbers, percentages, figures and facts." Exceeded sales quotas by 25% within 1 year." Numbers stand out and clearly communicate not only the results you produced, but what you achieved for the company.

6. Answer the "what's in it for me" question.Every employer is asking that question while reading your resume. Employers are looking for people who will solve their problems. You have to present your case accordingly. How? By answering these questions: What kind of problems did you solve on the job? How did the company benefit from your performance? How did you do the job differently and better than the person before you? Did you introduce a new program or system? If yes, what were the results? Did you save or earn money for the company? What were you most proud of in your job? What would your supervisor and co-workers say they would miss most about you when you leave? How did you make a difference in your job? How did you affect the company's bottom line?

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Is this your D-Day? Actually everyday is your D-Day. For you it isn't an invasion or battle. It is your day to be proactive, to listen and pay attention to your surroundings. You'll put your plans into action, just different actions for different days.
You need to be prepared at all times for impromptu questions. Have the ability to respond to others question at the drop of a hat. In addition you'll want to have the sound of confidence.

Your D-Day is your day of reckoning, just be prepared.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's in a Birthday?

Birthdays seem to come and go each and every year. As youngsters we usually can't wait for the next one. Then we move to teens and for many it is either 18 or 21 that we want in the US. Some people dread some of the ten year intervals (30,40,50 etc.) Then later on some folks keep pushing to be older or of the elders only t find there are still many that are much older than us. Seems when folks hit their late 70's or 80's they even refer to 1/2 years or months.

So what does this have to do with finding that next opportunity? If we allow age to be a determining factor in our ability to be hired then let's use it to our advantage. It is to your best interest to not let your own age stand in your way. You have so much to offer, ie:timeliness, punctuality, how to run a project, who to call, where the local PO is maybe. You want to be sure and sound positive and confident. Pull your shoulders back and look them in the eyes. Be proud of your "seniority" on this planet and workplace.

Remember you are in control of your own destiny, make the most of it and Happy Birthday next time.