Saturday, November 29, 2008


Two weekends ago, while attending our Fall Toastmasters conference, someone shared a great idea. When folks say they "can't", no matter what it is, you can add "yet". So they mention that can't make it to your meeting you follow up with "yet". As we learn most things aren't forever.

When I think of all the tasks my grandchildren will tell me they can't do I can just tag on "yet". Until we take the time to try it is always easier to say we can't.

So when you tell me you just can't find to start a blog and keep it up I say "yet".

Go out there and try something new. Stretch yourself, feel those muscles hurt and move to the next level.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Have you had enough turkey yet? But it was so good especially with your trimmings. Oh and those desserts, Mmmmmmmmmm yummy.

You've been reading the papers and listening to all that bad news on the media. Loans, unemployment, bailouts. What next? Just remember it can always be worse.

People and companies are still forging ahead with plans for continued growth. No matter the ramifications of what our government is doing we, as a people, will make it happen. We always have and will continue to. We are too big to fall down now and not get back up.

Be sure and volunteer this season, you will feel better.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bail Out

Now what does this have to do with you? If you work at one of the Big Three it just might affect you. Otherwise only in a trickle down effect. The news media is certainly having a hayday of late. There is so much news coverage anymore they have to make stories out of everything that is negative. Remember that we have been through similar times before. Only now you are directly involved so it seems.
Now is the time to prepare for the rest of your future. Do good research. Meet lots of people. Have lots of fun. Your future lays in your hands.

Will the bail out affect you personal. More than likely not.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Look for 7,800

Back on Wed. 11/19/08 the stock market broke below 8,000. Look to 7,800 now and see what happens. We are in for some new times. Remember that as these markets dive down any of you with re-investment plans will be getting more for your dollars than you have in a long time.

Unemployment has moved up to about 7.3% and undoubtedly has a ways to go. Next stop 8.0%. In 1982 we crossed the 10.0% mark remember. Does all this make your search harder or easier?

Part of it will depend on your attitude. Part will depend on your ability to move if need be. There are more opportunities for you now even though it doesn't seem that way. Your competition will be more intense for sure. Have you ever let competition hold you back before? Just go for it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Networking revisited

The other day my friend Sean Harry was speaking on a favorite topic of mine, Networking 101. As he was wending his way through his topic, which I have heard a few times to say the least, he would strike a note with a hint of passion. My ears would pick up on it and reminded me of techniques I already know.
The point here is we can all learn more from the same material if we either pay attention or be sure we have our "listening" ears on. By the same token you will be more successful in your interviews when you allow your passion to come out.

Remember that you can achieve both these traits, listening and passion, at any Toastmasters meeting.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Equivilant time to become re-employed

The other day someone asked if it was true that it usually takes one month, for every $10,000 in salary earned, to become re-employed. That was a figure I had read years ago and have heard it bantered about of late.
That set me to thinking that the figure is for those looking for an excuse to take their time. There is nothing wrong in taking ones time as it can be worse to accept an offer that isn't right. As I set about thinking about that formula it occurred that the number was a great number. It seems to me that it may be more of an effort formula. The more effort one extends the better the odds of recovering sooner.
Of course that effort entails careful planning, interviews and most of all knowing exactly what we want to do. There can lay the delay.

Your success still depends on you meeting new people everyday and learning and helping all you can.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Are you hungry yet?

While speaking with a young professional today he revealed that he was becoming disenfranchised with this whole job search ordeal. He wasn't being as successful as he anticipated and was beginning to worry, would he ever find something.

A few suggestions:

Continually work on having a positive attitude, look at all the good occurrences that have happened. What do you have to be thankful about. Think hard now.

Begin a blog, write about what you know. Have fun with it. This in turn will help you release new ideas from your own mind.

Once you are hungry enough you will find your next opportunity. Not being hungry can be good as it forces you to look for the best fit.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thanksgiving is just around the corner. A great time for family and friends. Don't miss out on this opportunity to engage in friendly visits. Be with people that care. You can put this search on pause. Many times you will find that when you step back and relax and relieve some of that pressure your brain will kick in and work behind the scenes. You may even come up with some new ideas without much thinking about it.

Beware the mind is a strong tool, often surpassing your greatest expectations. Remember the old cliche that it often seems easiest to find a job when you are working. Think about why that happens. You are relaxed and not worried about being successful.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Interesting on how we have been discussing the failing weather, you know, clouds, overcast, rain and cold. Now (Thursday 11/14/09) we have bright beautiful sunshine. It is so bright it is blinding me and I am out buying a piece of yard machinery to get some yard work done.

Just like the weather is subject to change so does the employment scene. As you pursue your next opportunities dream you also want to be flexible, able to change direction. Finding that next opportunity is not quite a simple as highlighting a map with your proposed itinerary. You must always be open to new ideas, directions and joys. Your positive attitude and energy/passion you espouse will overshadow your shortcomings.

At this time in history you have many opportunities to try out your brain and devise ways to stand out in the crowd.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

How's your tune-up coming along?

Are you getting a tune-up? Who is doing it? What results are you looking for?

Remember that you are not alone in this quest. There are folks all over the world going through your same strain. Unemployment is as much emotional as it is financial. Are you keeping your spirits up and I don't mean the ones in that cabinet.

How many new people are you meeting each day? It is important to meet new people all the time so you can help them one day. Remember that helping comes in many forms.

Finally- volunteering is a good thing, both for you and those you help out.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Wasn't that close? You were so afraid the elections ads would never go away. Well, they won't. Just a matter of time. Your new opportunities are boundless, your job is to listen and pick up on them.

In the wake of the recent elections companies are making more decisions. The Wallstreet debacle always lends itself to the quagmire. You opportunity lies in your ability to learn more about your target companies and see who you serve and how you serve them. You'll need to offer them relief to their pain. It is certainly more than application to them.

Talk to people!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


While watching a movie last night, "A Good Woman", it was interesting to hear one person asking if the other would be so kind as to introduce them. Back in those days it was done face to face and now we can do the same, worldwide, via the Internet. Back in the time era it was the rich and famous, now you have the same opportunities.

If you're not aware it is really a matter of "who you know" as opposed to "what you know".