Thursday, October 18, 2007

People Trails

The age of the computer has made it so easy to sit in front of the computer and make up as many resumes as we want. Search the web for opportunities. Send off resumes to the found possibilities. Write friends and brag about how many we sent out. Search LinkedIn for more potential contacts. We can track all this in spread sheets, made up forms, store bought programs. Much of this is called a paper trail. If you are an accountant or taken a few accounting classes you know the value of this.

Now for reality. In my travels I find that most folks like people, to talk with them, meet with them. See the whites of their eyes so to speak. This would be called leaving a People Trail.

When out searching for that next opportunity it is better to leave a People Trail than a paper trail.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Procrastination!!!! Amazing how this malady increases with age. This is all too funny now. My mind was screaming with ideas and what I was going to write. Got interrupted and deviated and the next thing I know it has been several days. I know that never happens to you?

Having read books on procrastination, discussed with many friends and laughing that will never happen to me. Yet in reality it awaits all of us, just different implementation times. As an excuse just remember that as we mature and gain new knowledge our brains are increasingly challenged to handle all the material.

So bottom line, what can we or do we do? My suggestion is just be aware of this terrible malady and be ever increasingly observant to go back and complete those projects, whatever they might be.