Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Is that all there is?"

That was a hit song by Peggy Lee back in the '50's. Sometimes it seems that with all our research, networking and soul searching that it was for nowt. We've used the skills we have acquired through school, life and associates. Yet no matter how hard we try it feels like we are moving back down the hill.

I've often wondered if this was all a big test in life for us. If we can survive this we can do anything. Some people don't do very well and wind up taking some menial position then they just stay there. One very large point to remember is never lose sight of your ultimate goal. Continue to strive to attain it. You can actually do it if you are persistent.

"Is that all there is?"---only if you let it be.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who needs me, anyway?

Sometimes in our frustration of searching for that next opportunity we begin to feel no one wants us. We may feel we are outdated and not as valuable. This can happen for sure. That is why we need to continue our education. Read, talk to others, take a class and stay up to date. You don't have to be an expert yet you need some familiarity with new technology.

You are capable to learn and put to use your background and knowledge. You have more to offer than you know. That is one big reason to communicate and get together with others while you are in between. In ten years more than 50% of what folks will be doing is not known to us now.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More to come

It ain't over yet folks. There have always been and will continue to be layoffs. A lot needs to happen before a continued growth. So what can you do?
Be innovative, talk to more people, find reasons to be positive. What? He said be positive? Yup, you have that control. Remember that a mere 50 years ago normally it was a one person working family so when one lost their job they had to find something immediately. We didn't save that much, had no such thing as a buy out package, not cobra, nor erisha.

Be on the outlook for your own gig. Project work is a great way to test a company out for viability and to see if you would fit in. Offer to help out and work on contract. Remember the only real security is YOU. You are your own security.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ever been hit with that question that scared you? You know, " why did you leave your last employer?" Even if the reasons were definitely for the best of reasons we may hesitate for fear of being negative or wondering if this is a trick question.

This is a great reason to be an excellent "listener" then a question or two can help clarify the question. Remember that the interviewer is only trying to get to know you and recognize if you will fit with the group. All the perfect education and skills aren't the only prerequisite to getting the position. If we are a round peg trying to fit a square hole it just isn't going to fit.

How can we eliminate this fear and/or possible rejection. Not sure we can always get rid of the rejection part but we can do research on a company. Talk with others that are familiar with them and see what the news media has to say. Look for stats on the company if they are available. Unfortunately many times they are not , and that is where your interviewing skills will come into play.
You need to listen for clues, unanswered questions, darting eye movement. Remember this is always a two way interview.

Don't be afraid of the "Boo" factor, just be sure you listen, pay attention and good questions.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Listening versus hearing. All of us "hear" yet do we really "listen"? Where did you learn to listen? Did you take a class, or read a book, or go to a seminar. Maybe your parents told you to "listen" or else!!!!

Listening is an acquired skill, it can always be improved upon. Your ability to actively listen rather than just hearing is essential to your future accomplishments and personal growth. Listening is the act of listening and not preparing your next statement or question before the other person is done speaking. It does take practice to get good at it and the results are well worth the investment of your time. Listening will assist you in all aspects of your life.

When you are out connecting, interviewing and just plain communication pay attention and see if you are really listening.

If you want more help in building on your listening skill you may want to look into Toastmasters.

Friday, October 8, 2010

What am I worth?

Many times people are stumped at what they are worth or how much will they work for. There are many variables involved so let's talk about a few.
1. What does it take to pay your bills and survive, the bottom line number?
2. How much farther can you take that number if you were to give up a few perks?
3. What have I made before?
4. What are the long term opportunities at this new place?
5. Do I really like the atmosphere and people?
6. Would I be comfortable doing this new position?
7. Is the salary negotiable with other perks?
This is only a beginning and questions I have heard many times over.

A statement made by numerous folks after a long exhaustive search is "there is more to life than money".

Monday, October 4, 2010

Are you in the mood?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you aren't in the mood to search or interview? Not uncommon for that to happen especially when we are depressed or getting a lot of No's.
The dangerous place is when we allow not being in the mood to overtake our task and do nothing. My mantra to "Have fun, Meet people, Learn something" can help with this phenomena. When you find you aren't in the mood then find a way to make it fun. There is no one way to accomplish this. Use that creative mind you have.
When I go to an event and find my shy side emerging I will engage others in conversation and see how long I can go before ever asking where they work or what they do. When I do this it is odd on how many times that questions gets answered without any prompting.