Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Can you believe it is that time of year already? You were just thinking how fast the summer went by and now the leaves are changing and the mornings are cooling. Not time for you to cool your search though. You must be diligent if you want to smell the sweet smell of success.

It is a numbers game for you and the more numbers(people) you see the closer you will be to your next opportunity. There are numerous opportunities out there. You task is to search, pay attention, talk with many people and develop many of the opportunities. There are many companies that need people yet don't know they need someone.

By staying current on technologies and new inventions you'll be able to offer more. Get out there and have a great day.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Happiness if the result of learning"

As smart as you are and as many degrees you may have there is nothing better than continual learning. We all learn in different ways. Reading, viewing movies, attending seminars, attending classes and many more.

When we don't learn and grow we become stagnant. Get into a rut and sometimes blame others for our circumstances. Your job is to make sure you are current, even when you are employed. Reading is definitely one of the best ways to stay current and learn.

However you continue your education it is imperative that you do.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leave a People Trail

Ed Burpee once said to "Leave a people trail, not a paper trail". Those words are still espoused today and so very relevant. When referring back to my tennant to "Have fun" we find people are far more fun than paper. It is easier and simpler to shove paper around and file it, but that is where it stops, usually filed. As you traverse your daily spectrum and get out to see people, no matter where, be sure and make acquaintances and dispense any wisdom you may be able to.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Job Finders

Job Finders is definitely the more positive view of "Job Seekers" and that is meant to be. Many people have been in the hunt or looking for work in their life. The odds now are that everyone will experience unemployment, between assignments, downsized, rightsized, re-engineered, let go, quitting, resigning and even fired. It just happens and will continue.

We are currently doing much more outsourcing and projects. Projects will definitely continue to grow, it makes sense in todays vast competition and growing technologies. This is another reason to continue to hone your education and add to it. That comes in many forms, such as school, classes, reading, seminars, speakers, webinars, and even TV once in a while. Another great way to grow your learning is joining Toastmasters. Besides growing your self confidence you'll be learning something new every week plus growing your communications skills.

As you wind you way through this ongoing maze always remember to "Have fun, Meet people and Learn something".

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who said this was going to be easy?

When we first enter into the land of unemployment, no matter how you get there, many thoughts cross our minds. With our knowledge, ability to use a computer and education we usually feel this should be a piece of cake. Oddly enough it can be, only if we change our minds though.
It never happens or goes the way we think it will. There is a lot of learning that will take place.

One of the best pieces of advice I would offer is you must get out of the house. Get out and see people, communicate, socialize, just get out of the house. This is where networking really comes in handy. Attend events that catch your fancy, associations you belong to, close events that don't interfere with scheduled meetings or appointments.

Remember, unemployment is not terminal. It is better to leave a people trail than a paper trail. Most of all, have fun.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What next? You've lost that job.

Sit back and reflect. See friends and people you enjoy. Don't move to fast on taking another position. Like rebound marriages, rebound jobs can be dangerous.

You need to take a break and begin your grieving process. Until you do you'll find yourself at odds with yourself. Talking is a part of this process. Reading books can be helpful but not the only way. Read for pleasure.

Start lining up and finding places to network. There are many calendars out there. Check out local chambers of Commerce, job fairs, seminars on using social media in your search

Get connected in LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter.

And most of all get out of the house.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Have you thought about what you really want?

Many times in the Job Finders Group folks come to a realization that aren't sure what they really want to do next. This comes about for many reasons. Items such as exposure to new opportunities and finding out that we really don't like what we are still doing.

The good part of being unemployed now is you get to find out what you want to do. Finding that out is more important than landing that next opportunity. If you don't you'll likely be back here again.

Now the question is how do you find out. One easy way to start this process is to see and network with other people. In group settings and in networking settings. Read books on the topics and start discussion groups or participate in them. The objective is to find out all you can.

Only you can make this decision and an important part of the process is to also listen to your "gut". Some call it intuition, whatever it is pay attention to it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Labor Day is when we take off from laboring and play, have fun do whatever. Instead I sit here laboring of topics to write about so they can be posted. I complain not as this teaches me to think and put down the words I think.

Hoping you are having a grand day today and enjoying as best you can. There are opportunities on the horizon, you job is to keep your eyes and ears peeled so you spot them when they come along.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


In seeking wisdom,
the first step is silence,
the second listening,
the third remembering,
the fourth practicing,
the fifth teaching others.

Ibn Gabirol, poet and philosopher (ca. 1022-1058)