Monday, September 26, 2011


Listening has been a topic before and it arises again. It seems everything we do has a connection to listening somewhere. Whether it be parents, children, work, play and the list goes on. When we don't "listen" we easily miss key elements of and in life. Sometimes the consequences are catastrophic yet many times they aren't that bad.
No matter the consequence we need to be better listeners which in turn works to our benefit. If you really want to "learn" how to listen better then be sure and visit a local Toastmasters group.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Are you ready for Fall?

What is the difference in the seasons and your opportunity searching? We can go either way on this one. We can talk about changing weather, i.e. rain, snow, mud, cold etc. and all the reasons it may be harder now. We can also talk about a new season and a new attitude with the ability to dress differently.
In fact we can use any old excuse to either do well or not so well. Your job is to pick yourself up, smile and get busy once again. Remember to have fun, meet people and learn something. Get out there and network and see people. Help others in any way you can. Find new venues to visit and new people to meet.
You have so many possibilities that you have no excuse.
Now go out and have a wonderful day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where are you looking?

To begin with one can scour the Sunday paper, it is certainly and excellent way to give you ideas. Bulletin boards and companies websites are great. You can also talk to friends and people you meet while networking. One of the inherent values of networking.
An important piece here is to be sure to be forming personal relationships with folks. The more you know about the others the more help you can be to them.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day

OK...Labor Day has come and gone now. Time for you to start your labor(ing). As depressing as it may feel sometimes you still need to get out there and be productive. If you don't who will? Exactly, no one will be doing it for you and if they do/did they may not find you what you are really looking for.
Remember you want to be more than just an applicant, you need to stand out. How might you stand out? Think of the ways. It could be with a colorful outfit, crazy hairstyle, mumbling etc. Correct!!! That is not how you want to stand out. You need a compelling reason for them to hire you or even look at you.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Have you heard?

Have you heard that people are being hired and more are needed. It appears that besides the actual employers themselves hiring many of the temp agencies are hiring. For those need immediate cash flow it may of benefit to check them out. Checking out temp. agencies is no different that interviewing for an opportunity (job), so be sure you check them all out. Many have temp to hire positions.