Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do you know?

Do you know what you want to do next?

Do you know where you want to work? (position and location)

Do you know what salary you want?

There's nothing wrong in not knowing at this time, it just means you need to investigate, study and decide before entering into a contract at this time. Be careful of grabbing that first offer because is fulfills your original goal of finding another job.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

News Media Doldrums

For many in their journey to the next opportunity it can seem fruitless (in our search) if we read the papers or listen to the news. Not that they don't dispense the news with accuracy. Yes unemployment statistics are up and companies are laying people off.

Having been through these cycles many times now keep in mind that there are many positions unfilled. Those are the ones printed. Yet still about 85% of the job market is hidden. Your job now is to read, research, investigate, listen and determine what companies need. In time you will locate companies that have pain and you can assist them to relieve it.

Another fact is everyday there are positions needed that haven't been positions before. We didn't used to have environmental engineers once, nor did we have green energy. The list can go on and on. That's another great reason to network, so you can learn more about the new opportunities.

Once again I read that we are actually approaching a time when we won't have nearly enough people to fulfill the needs of employers. The article was talking about remembering the value of the older worker.

Your positive attitude can help you to weather the storm, keep a smile on your face and make life less stressful.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Are you really ready?

What if you get an offer tomorrow? Are you ready to answer? No! I mean really answer. Have you asked all the questions? Many times we will accept an offer because that was our goal, to get an offer which will lead to a position.

We need to be careful and pay attention to the big picture. Some of you know what's worse than being unemployed. Yes that's right, working where you hate it or don't like it. That eventually leads to being unemployed again.

As you do your interviewing, whether for a position or for an informational interview it is imperative that you listen. That means active listening where you do nothing but listen then formulate your questions once the other person is done talking.

For some this is not easy because our brain is engaged in formulating our next question and we stop listening and miss the "rest of the question or information".

Learning how to listen is an art and an asset to you.