Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Networking or Netweaving

Networking or netweaving is far more than reticulating. Richard Garber introduced a term he found of "netweaving". However one refers to or says building a base of others to integrate into your sphere we need to do it.

We've been networking since we were small children. We had our friends, family, neighbors or school mates. Once we reached high school we had a sphere of friends and classmates. Sometimes those were cliques. We then moved into college, families, and/or work. Our methods of acquiring these connections or friends vary.

The point is we've always done it. Yet when someone mentions the thought of networking now many tend to shiver, look the other way, and even feign to not understand what it really is. The best solution I can think of is get out there and have fun, meet people, and learn something. You'll find you have a lot of knowledge for many other folks.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Value of Websites and Blogs

Recently another person mentioned me in their blog. We tracked it and in less than three days the search engines had found it. As you traverse through this part of your life you need to give weighted thought to your own website and blog. Why you ask? Because it allows you to be seen and heard. More and more hiring managers will search you out on line before your meeting. With the advent of blogging the way marketing is being done will change form.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

You Can't Handle it All !!!

The opportunity market is hot. Employers everywhere are searching for people. The employer isn't sure where to look and those looking for their next opportunity are scratching their heads wondering where are all these positions.

They are everywhere folks. Get out of the house and start attending events where there are people. Job Fairs, Chambers of Commerce, Business shows, Trade Associations, Recognative events, Business luncheons, Training seminars, Sporting events, Wine and cheese shows, and the list goes on.

I'd love to see some suggestions from you out there, even if it is one idea. Go ahead and click on comment and add one.

A caveat for you, be careful when listening to the news or reading it because they must make headlines and the economy doesn't make the same kind of news as someone laying off folks. Having watched this for over 15 years now I have found companies have been laying off all the time so what you see now is nothing new.

Have a great day...Have fun, Meet people and Learn something.