Saturday, July 30, 2011


Grieving is a part of life that sometimes we try to avoid. Yet unknown to us, at the time, ignoring it only causes more trouble now or later. There are certain parts of life that are very traumatic to us. Like birth and death so is losing our employment. Whether you are new to unemployment or been there for a while you need to remember to continue to grieve.
Grieving comes in many forms of which two seem most prevalent, crying and talking. If you are talking about your experience do remember to give your listener advance warning so they don't tell you they have to leave because they really do. You may feel rejected just when you don't need it. All you want them to do is listen to you, not give you solution because you actually have them already.

Monday, July 25, 2011

20 free videos on unemployment

If you haven't been to the Job Finders Support Group website you may want to check out the offer of 20 free videos to help you through this segment of your career search. Nothing is being harvested and no spam will be forth coming.

These are 20 two to four minute videos to help you along. Go ahead and check it out.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Where do you hang out and do networking? Anywhere out of the house is a good place. The house usually has too many distractions. Coffee shops have become a favorite place to go. Have you done this? If not why not? If so then are you finding new ones to go to? Pick several and rotate them. Besides coffee shops there are numerous spots to go to and network though. There are events, training seminars, trade shows, business fairs and the list goes on.

Your local papers have calendars as does your local Chamber of Commerce. Ask friends and people you've met for ideas. This isn't just about you, talk and ask others. This is a team effort.

Friday, July 15, 2011


While listening to a radio talk show and hearing them discussing the possibility of schools eliminating cursive writing and proper spelling it got me to thinking. What is wrong with the inability to spell correctly? Like speaking it can be the distractions that make the audience either not listen and lose track of where you are.
When we read anything and run across improperly spelled words we stop for a split second and may lose our spot or what we were reading. Even some folks that can't spell very well know when a word is spelled wrong and may also stop.

Be sure any correspondence you send out has been checked for proper spelling.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Solving problems or creating a future

Are you just solving problems or are you creating a future. We need to put out the fires and we also need to be creating the future. Business survives by good work, excellent customer service and growing. The growing could be products or services offered or improved products or services. Either way we don't want to be static.
When you get stumped or down in that hole get together with friends and/or acquaintances. Sit and brainstorm and create some new ideas and ways to achieve your goals. You may also have the opportunity to help your friend(s).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer time

By now you are probably enjoying Summer one way or another. Let's not be persistent in that search for what is next for you. When we take a well deserved break for a little too long we tend to lose momentum. So don't take too long a break. Keep those finders in the mix and always working forward.
As Summer heats up so should your search. Laying the ground work for the future. Even if you find THE spot never stop looking.