Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are resumes out?

Not really! Resumes still serve a purpose to many and are continually requested. One caveat might be to not allow others to ask you to send a resume just to be rid of you. If they ask then you should ask what they want to see in it and what style.
The purpose of most resumes are to catch the other person's attention so you can garner an interview and get in front of someone.
Some professionals just don't like resumes because most resumes are an obituary, that is, here is what I have done. Yet most potential employers want to know what you can do for them now. When you make a resume be sure you have the very best there is to offer.
Remember that the reader needs to see a compelling reason to talk with you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where is the heart?

Who are the speakers that really catch your attention? What comedians make you laugh the most? What stories do you remember the most and longest?
I remember back in 1974 the company I worked for sent me to a business letter writing class. It was a day long class and I still remember the gentleman that taught it. It is hard to remember the whole class but I do remember him and the basic layout of a good business letter. Why do I remember him?
As he taught the class he told stories with a passion, a passion from his heart and I felt them. That has lasted me all these years.
As you interview and exchange stories with others they will remember you when you are passionate. Your passion needs to be heard first and that it turn will make it felt by them and you will be remembered.

Friday, May 20, 2011

"20 Must Watch Videos For The Recently Unemployed"

The Job Finders website has been updated with 20 videos. The videos run from two to four minutes each. Once you sign up you will receive one each day for 20 days.
The topics are from the book "The 50 Most Asked Questions From the Newly Unemployed" The purpose if to assist you to get back into the workforce.

There is no spamming or harvesting of the data, strictly as an aid for you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you not getting any call backs?

Sometimes we put together great resumes, search for and send them out to appropriate potential employers, network in person and still no takers. What is the problem? Are there no positions available, are my skills no longer needed, people just don't like nor want me. What could it be? Maybe you haven't made enough changes, in yourself, to be attractive to a new employer or better yet opportunity. Have you ever thought that maybe it is you and your approach? Many people don't see it like that. We've gotten our education, have a great work history, love what we do and still no opportunities seem available. This is the value with meeting with other folks, both employed and unemployed. Get their views knowing some will have no feedback. Be sure you know your personal values, how they apply to what you love to do then begin professing that.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fear of Failure

It is said that one huge reason we stagnate is because of the fear of failure. Rather than stretch and try something different we will do what we've always done. Our fear of failure weighs heavy on us. In turn it holds us back from doing what we could really do. At this time of your life, while you are planning on your next career, why not search yourself and be sure you are heading in the direction you really want to go. What will motivate you to aspire to and accomplish your real next goal? Don't worry what others think or even say to you. You should certainly listen to them but be careful on what directs your thinking. As they say, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Who are you?

Have you figured out who you are yet? Do you know your purpose in life? Do you really know what you want to do? Don't feel alone. With all the opportunities it can be hard to pick what we want to do. You need to give serious thought to the first two questions. Much has been written about them and spoken about them. A lot on introspection comes into play here. One needs to contemplate them and make a serious effort to answer to one's self. A great place to assist here are Toastmaster Contests, at the club, Area, Division and District level. Your will get inspired and even motivated from a few of the speeches. Give it a try.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who is holding you back?

Many times folks complain and/or blame others for their failures. It is easier that way. The list of reasons and excuses goes on forever. We seem to not within ourselves to see what part we play in this. That's not fun or comfortable.

The next time you hear someone blaming someone or something for them not being successful take a look and see if they may have played a role in their own failure.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Are you stretching your vocabulary?

Have you fallen back to the basic 600 words or so that we can fall back into? Many of us get lazy and continue to make shortcuts and easing our load, unconscientiously even. What is wrong with that. It limits the words we have and lends itself to repeating some of the same words over and over. The problem with that is it becomes a distraction to the listener. Doesn't matter if the listener has a trained ear or not, they notice something.

Wouldn't you rather the remember the good traits you have?

Some of the culprit words or phrases might be:

Give it some thought. If you feel you'd like to expand that vocabulary then why not come and visit a Toastmasters Club.