Sunday, June 27, 2010

Passion again

Can't say enough about passion. We all have it, the question is when do we use it. When it comes to that opportunity(job) search, passion will catch the interest of the interviewer. When a prospective employer can hear and feel your passion (excitement) they are more inclined to listen to you.

Think of the people that inspire you, many times it is a person that evokes their passions that catch your attention and you will listen to them. So why don't you allow your passion to bubble out of you? There are too many reasons to list. One might be fear or another may be your personality. Either way when you are able to include your passion, naturally, others will sit up and take notice.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How does one sound confident?

Over the many years of assisting others be successful in the endeavors to become re-employed we talk about sounding confident. So, just what is that sound?

Some noticeable traits of sounding confident might be:

Speaking clearly-Not stuttering
Pausing-No ah's or um's
Expanding ones vocabulary-Not repeating the same adjective over and over
Making good eye contact-No darting our eyes or looking away
Using good vocal projection-Not speaking weakly or without volume
Speak in complete sentences-Not babbling on and on

These are but a few traits to get you started. Remember that Toastmasters can assist you with this.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

When did summer arrive? it is another day yet. But who is counting. No matter the season your efforts need to continue. Even once you are back in the saddle.

But what? We need to continue to keep the connecting ongoing. As you attend specific associations that apply to you or just another networking meeting. One needs to continue to learn in addition to sharing some of your knowledge with others.

We are all teachers in one form or another. Sometimes we don't consider ourselves as teachers but you know you do. Whether it be with our children, siblings, neighbors, parents, associates or perfect strangers. This is always a two way dialogue.

Summers arrive and depart so be sure you make the very most of each and every day of your summer.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Customer Service Again

Customer Service is still king. Think of any business you have dealt with with no satisfaction and you quit using them. You may have even dissed them.

When performing your connecting functions are you giving the best "customer service" you can. Are you returning calls promptly? Do you get information back to them in a timely manner? Are you connecting promptly with them on social networks when you say you will?

Are you really listening? I mean "listening" not just hearing? So many folks have returned to the group and admitted they really blew an interview and felt they had failed to listen. Their awareness was when the other party informed them "....that isn't what I asked..." That is most embarrassing.

You can easily grow your listening skills in Toastmasters.

Monday, June 7, 2010

5 Ways to make a great second impression

This article was sent by David S. You will get those second chances and the worst thing you can do is to blow it. Here are a few secrets to make better of it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Change to Transformation

As you journey through this time of your life you will learn much. About yourself and as much as about others around you.

Change is paramount in our growth and forward movement. Yet many of us say we like change and don't really. We muddle through and make the changes we must and push forward. In time we get to where we want to go.

You will find that from the time you begin this new journey until you are successful in getting to where you wanted you will have changed. I have observed this for over 18 years now by seeing it and hearing it back from others. Change is an occurrence which moves to transition and finally to transformation. We all move at different paces so no specific time frame can be given for any one person.

Once again, you will first begin to make a change, slowly yet forward. Next you will realize that you have made a change and take on another and soon realize there is a transition taking place. In the end you will make a transformation resulting in a paradigm shift and success will occur.

Never give up.