Sunday, November 11, 2007

Upcoming holidays-2007

As we now approach Thanksgiving and Christmas is reminds me that many people, out of work, tend to not attend such functions due to embarrassment. That should not be the case. Socializing with your friends and family at this time of year is good for you and them. It is a time for family and gathering. Never lose sight of the fact that most people want to help others, sort of a natural phenomena.
If you find yourself hibernating, staying in, keeping clear of gatherings---Don't!!! Get out there and join in, have fun, meet people and learn something. Don't allow depression to set in.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sharpen your saw

I was invited to be an evaluator at the National Management Association's annual student speech contest. Not only was this inspiring to hear young people talking about the free enterprise system but so thrilling to hear them speak so well.

One speech was talking about what life was about and she used the phrase "Are you sharpening your saw?" That brought forefront to me how important it is to always be "sharpening your saw". So never lose sight of the value of continually learning everyday.